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A Growing Marriage

What a Valentine's treat my family and I experienced! Over the past weekend, we were blessed with an invitation to attend the 199th Infantry Brigade's annual marriage retreat. This really was a blessing for many reasons: There were only 10 slots available and we were chosen for 2; my husband actually got the weekend off and we needed it! This marriage retreat was fully paid for by the U.S. Military, which made it all the more special because it meant that it was guilt free! I was so proud and thankful for my husband for suggesting that we attend the event. This effort to bond and learn means so much to me and ultimately our family. My daughter also attended with us and was cared for while we attended our classes.

Some of the topics covered were: Communication 101, Understanding and Expressing Love, Initiating Positive Change and How to Share the Things that Bug You. We also took a personality inventory to determine our character traits and how this relates to our mate's character traits. I learned some great things over the weekend: My husband is harder on himself than I am on him, he cares more than I thought and he is willing to work to make changes. We also learned that we have the same personality type! We are both "Lions": dominant and independent. This doesn't surprise me. It explains why we often have very strong views on how things should be done and we consistently challenge each other. I have often likened us to two rams, butting heads and locking horns. The most important thing is that we work together to reach a solution. I believe that despite the turmoil that we have been subjected to, as well as subjected ourselves to, that we are doing a fairly good job of working through things together and making changes. Hooah!