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The Holiday Military Ball

The feeling was bittersweet when Eric told me that it was mandatory that we attend the Holiday Military Ball. Eric has told me about the balls in the past, but we have never been able to attend one together. He has always wanted to attend one with me. The only problem was that he needed his dress blues.

This did cost us money, as noted in a past blog, which was an unexpected expense. On the positive side, I was really excited to wear my ball gown that I purchased 4 years ago. It is a BCBG Max Azria and I paid $15.00 for it at Marshalls! I bought it for a specific event that was canceled so I never got to wear it. I was really proud of myself for doing my hair, makeup and nails that night. I even went to WalMart to buy eye liner, which I would have never done in the past. I also had everything else I wore in my closet so I did not need to spend any additional money other than his uniform. (An added bonus -- the uniform will be a tax write-off!) 

My husband served on the color guard.

This is us in front of the Christmas tree at the ball.
It was a fabulous night out with my husband.