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It All Starts With Me

There are some things that I have learned over the last few months regarding financial advice:

You have to put in the work for yourself. Use your resources. Research online. Cross reference. Read books. Talk to family members and friends who seem to have it together. Seek professional help. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to keep your finances in order. You have to be proactive and put the effort in to do this. This is an extremely time consuming process. I am getting things accomplished, within the time constraints that I can and in the order that I know is best for our family. Don't be naive: You can't always trust your resources. You have to do the work yourself. No system is without flaws. The only person that can take responsibility for my change is me. I expected that since I was being advised by a professional that this would be an easy process, however it has not been easy and the advice has not lead to immediate answers/change or long-term educational growth. It is your responsibility to take care of your financial needs.