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It's Going to Be a Better Year

I am pretty pumped up with anticipation for a more prosperous new year! Last week I was finally able to attend the group intake for financial counseling at the Army Community Service Center. I have to gather tons of financial documentation and make an individual counseling appointment within 30 days. Since this is a service that is offered on base, my husband will be able to work the appointments into his schedule so that we can attend together, which I think is very important for our success. I also have the Dave Ramsey course and of course I am still working with Karen.

My husband and I are looking at our schedules to determine the best time to meet with Karen during the month of January. I have the triple threat going for me, so I am bound for success. Of course, I am aware that what I put into it, I will get out of it -- and I am ready. I have financial goals that I am working on for the short term (6 months) and then I can start on the long term. I recently looked into two of my husband's accounts and found that with the payment plan we are on, one will be paid off by February and the other will be paid off by June. Then there are two much larger debts that we are working on paying off in my name which, if all goes well, will also be paid off in June. This will free up a good amount of money for us to live on without having to use credit cards and get a savings going. Financial freedom is on the way!