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It's Official: We Spend More than We Make

This week's blog post was supposed to be on the conversation I had with Shelley Boyd, a credit counselor at Novadebt, but it's been really hard for me to actually catch her. I spoke to her for about 45 minutes yesterday after work. We ran down the amount of money I spend monthly: debts, child care expenses, gas, electricity, and loan payments. I gave her mine and Zak's bi-weekly pay and after crunching the numbers, she came up with an income of $2500 monthly -- and said we were spending $3000!!!

I couldn't believe what she was telling me. I didn't even know we had $3000 to spend a month. We didn't finish the whole process but she was trying to let me know of some programs which I could look into for some assistance. Some of the ones she mentioned, I've heard of, and know they have income guidelines that make me ineligible. But I still need some type of help, which is really frustrating.

She's going to call me tomorrow and let me know of more options.