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Essure Birth Control Fails Its Celebrity Spokesperson

Picabo Street

We reported in January that Olympian skier Picabo Street had undergone the Essure procedure, a permanent form of birth control which blocks the fallopian tubes. As we all know, and as Essure's manufacturer Conceptus points out, no method of birth control is 100% effective. So we shouldn't be totally shocked to hear that in September, when Street was a celebrity picker on ESPN College Gameday, she was "visibly pregnant."

David Matthews of Deadspin notes that after Street got pregnant, Conceptus, the makers of Essure, removed all references to her from its website, later issuing a press release stating that she had conceived before receiving confirmation that the Essure procedure had been effective, a test performed three months after insertion. It went on to say that "more than 450,000 women worldwide have had the Essure procedure and rely on it for permanent birth control."

I guess it's just a reminder about the failure rate of any birth control option, and that unplanned pregnancies can happen to anyone -- even a silver medalist who has gone a supposedly permanent birth control procedure. But wow -- what a PR debacle for Essure! 

Best wishes to Picabo, she seemed like a great mom when I talked to her. Any moms out there think about getting the Essure procedure? Does this influence your opinion of it?