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Would You Let Facebook Choose Your Baby's Name?


You may love Facebook, but would you let your FB friends name your child? 34-year-old Toronto mom-to-be Rommy Alpinelli is using social media on a new level, letting Facebook users submit and vote for their favorite name for her child. She came to this decision, she says, after struggling to find the perfect baby name. "I just wanted to find something that was not different like off the wall, just unique, like a very pretty girl name that's not so super-common," she said. 

After mentioning her problem to a friend who works at FabFind, a social commerce site, the friend talked to the higher-ups and came up with a bargain: If Alpinelli allows FabFind to help name her child via Facebook, the mom will receive a year of free deals, an estimated $40,000 value. FabFind even made a custom app where people can submit names and vote for their faves. 

Right now leading names are Aria, Melania, and Sophia (the later being an interesting choice if Alpinelli goes with her original desired middle name, Loren), and you can see (and vote for) the final list on You can also add a name to the list. The person who submits the winning name gets 25,000 reward points to redeem for FabFind deals. 

Would you give up your baby naming rights for $40,000? What if the winning name is terrible? If you're strugging to find the perfect baby name, though, for heavens sake, let us help you choose for yourself. Browse our baby name lists and the top baby names of 2010, plus check out the celebrity baby names we love.