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Links to Help You Save

This week, links for all sorts of moolah-challenged situations:

Lazy and broke—but picky about your food? Wisebread offers up 3 cheap, but guaranteed-to-taste-good, dishes.

Broke, but crunchy? The always-fabulous Deal Seeking Mom has a site for you -- Organic Deals and Coupons: Helping Moms Go Organic Without Going Broke

Cheap, but Tweet-addicted? Consumerism Commentary points out a few ways to save money through social media.

Broke—but larger than you’d like? Christian Personal Planning is here to make sure your alleged weight-loss resolution doesn’t begin with lots of new-clothes buying and expensive gym-joinging (spoilsports). Instead, they offer 10 cheap or free ways to lose weight.

Cheap, and up for a challenge? Money Saving Blog wants you to give up TV-watching to save money. The site’s British, but the advice & ideas hold.