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Links to Help You Save

79.9% APR? Yup. It's apparently one issuer's answer to the new credit card rules which take effect Feb 22. Might be a good idea to bone up on how to play it smart, too.

The Roth IRA is one of those awesome, tax-free-money things. Wisebread has found a new way for those who make over $65,000 to get in on this great deal.

Jessica over at Debt Kid blogs about her top 10 money mistakes, which include everything from "living on college loans" to "staying in jobs too long."

Tired of hearing that you need to cut, cut, cut? The Simple Dollar posts on the flip side: Making more money. An older post even has 50 ideas for side businesses you can start on your own.

And finally, because there's a limit to everything, FruGal finds the winner of her taking-pennypinching-too-far contest. And it involves toilet paper.