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No Credit Cards

I have two weeks of the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University under my belt. I’m enjoying the class. Each class begins with a review of the previous week’s lesson and going over homework. Then on to the new stuff: We watch a video and then have a discussion about how the material relates to your life. Each class ends with new homework. I’m assigned certain chapters to read from Dave Ramsey's book which correspond with the video we watched in class.

So far, I’ve completed a Basic Quickie Budget (which was very similar to Karen's budget form and the form that I filled out for the base counseling session) and downloaded rules for a "Budget Committee Meeting," which will take place in the future. Two ideas that have really stood out to me so far are that you need to have at least $1,000 in an emergency fund (just to start) and that credit card usage is not allowed. My husband and I have not attended an actual counseling session on base yet, however I am aware that one of the rules of that program is that credit cards are not allowed. I am also pretty sure that Karen has said ... NO CREDIT CARDS. I am sensing a theme here.