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Running Out of Options

I called Gerry on our scheduled day last week, but he had already left the office at around 4 when I called. I feel very lost. I feel like I'm a sinking ship. We got the eviction notice last week, I'm gonna pay the cable bill this week and the kids' school fees are due. With the issues in my personal life, finals, and wondering how and when I'll resolve my money issues, I cannot breathe!!! If something happens tomorrow, I have no cushion whatsoever. It's no one's fault but my own, but I need an out and I seriously feel like I need one as of yesterday. I'm exhausted and maybe I have too much on my plate but I don't see anything in my life that I can shed. I was going to try to take a semester off and work part-time but I can't stand the thought of someone else raising my children while I work and I can't afford to take time off from school either. I need to find myself more options.