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Still No Progress on Leah's House

Last week when Leah and I spoke, she wasn't feeling well. The baby had been sick and then she was sick as well, and the stress from the impending short sale of her house was pretty much putting her over the edge!

I don't really get it. Leah's been researching her options since January and had an interested buyer since March. Unfortunately as of late September, that buyer is sick of waiting. I guess I can see that the lenders aren't in a rush, as the 2nd mortgage holder isn't getting most of their loan paid off whether the house short sells or forecloses. (Of course, it makes a lot of difference to Leah!!) The last thing she heard was that the deal was gonna go through, and Leah had to come up with some money to make it happen. We both looked over the benefits available to military families in either grants or loans, in case she has to come up with these funds. She did call her accountant and found out there was debt relief available for the taxes owed on the loan forgiveness if the short sale does go through.

On a more personal note, Leah shared with me the way her life used to be. She had regular monthly visits to the chiropractor, the massage therapist, and regular pedicures. Today however, she says she feels completely strapped! She's never felt like this in her life!! She also shared that although she has given up ALL of these previous creature comforts, Eric occasionally doesn't appear to be on board. Leah mentioned that he needed $15 for a haircut and I started to laugh, because
1) Isn't he in the Army? So isn't a buzz cut a buzz cut? And
2) Leah is a trained anesthetist. So I said, for gosh sakes, buy a buzz trimmer...which it turns out she has! But he won't let her buzz his hair!!!

I understand that she doesn't want to restrict him, as he is the one going out and working everyday to make a better future for her and their daughter, but I can tell you that from my experience with couples and money, it's little things like this that will cause the big fights and resentments to build.

My next step with Leah is to have her complete a worksheet so we can focus on the present and the future. In addition, I am planning a trip to Ft. Benning in November to meet face-to-face with Eric. I hope he likes me! I've spent a lot of time with Leah on the phone and I feel like we're developing a good relationship, and I hope for the same with him.