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Total Tally Tuesday: Checking Account Balances!

Leah: $455.89

In an attempt to save money, I haven't left the house in a week except for doctor's appointments. I find that it's easier to save money by staying in the house. However, it is no way to live and it is beginning to affect my mood.

I'm still worried about how I'm going to come up with the money for one of my close friend's daughter's first birthday present, my godson/nephew's 10th birthday present, and another friend's wedding gift. Of course, I can't afford the wedding itself so I won't be attending. I was supposed to be applying the bridal party makeup but decided that it would be too much of a cost for me, which is heart-breaking in itself. All these events take place within a 2-week time frame, and I just don't know how I am going to come up with the money to purchase the gifts. This bums me out because these people have been good to our family and I would like to reciprocate. I do not customarily buy gifts for every occasion that arises, but these occasions are special for unique reasons.


Lori: $43.70

When I got paid last week, I wrote in all the auto drafts that will need to be accounted for through the 5th, when I get paid again. And the $43.70 is what’s left. The good news is that it’s still a positive balance.

The stressful part is knowing that between now and the 5th I’m also going to need to put gas in the car (probably twice), which is about $40 each time. I’d like to submit my application for school, which involves a $40 application fee. And I was hoping to stop by the craft store to get a couple little items so that I could finish making the kid's Trick or Treat bags for Halloween. Not to mention how nice it’d be just to know there’s a little money in my account in case of little things…like medicine for my kids who are now each showing signs of those wonderful flus going around. My saving grace is that I do know there are a couple of checks coming from freelancing -- I just don’t know exactly when they’ll arrive.


Natasha: (-$656.98)

I still have a negative balance in my main checking account. Zak's account has $180.39 and I have $199.67 in a credit union. (I took a personal loan out 3 years ago, so I opened an account there.)

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