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Total Tally Tuesday: Checking Account Balances!

Every Tuesday, we'll report exactly how much our families have in their checking accounts -- and what they're planning to do with it.

blank_pageLori: $322.31

After depositing over $3000 so recently, that doesn't seem like much. But, that is after putting $1500 into savings and taking care of several larger bills. And I get paid this week – a full paycheck this time! I can't tell you how good it feels to have money in the account and more coming in. For the first time in several YEARS, I'm not down to a few dollars and worrying about how to stretch that another week or more. I know I still need to remain focused and disciplined so that I can manage my budget well, but at the moment, it just feels good to finally have a month where I can say, "I made it."

Leah: $1042.33

I have to admit, I backslid this weekend. My husband took care of the baby for me and I got to get out of the house for 7 hours, which felt really good! I had to make a return at Carter's and they were having a $5 sale that I couldn't resist, so I bought $38.52 in clothing for both children. The clothing is for the summer, around the time the baby is born, and I know I will be (held) up for a little bit so it seemed like a good time to buy. In typical fashion, I'm going to return two items, so I should get $10 back. Since we are not using credit cards, I will have to figure this into the budget and take some money out of a different area. I just find it so difficult to actually leave the house and not spend money.

Natasha: -$6