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Total Tally Tuesday: Checking Account Balances!

Every Tuesday, we'll report exactly how much our families have in their checking accounts -- and what they're planning to do with it.

blank_pageLori: $319.74

I've already accounted for about half of this month's bills, and I've paid the deposits to secure my new apartment. I've written a list of the things I'm going to need to purchase before I move and I've prioritized them. The past few days I've been shopping around and comparing prices. To know I have a few hundred in my account, and get paid in two days, is a far cry from where I was just a few months ago - always running down to a few dollars and not knowing when another check would arrive. I'm still absorbing just how many blessings have arrived over the past few months in my life, and just how much has changed for the better.

Leah: $1275.61

I haven't received an unemployment check in two weeks, but oddly enough I am not worried about how we are going to pay our existing bills. I believe that we should be able to pay our monthly bills without the strain that we have actually been feeling over the last few months. My plan to have certain bills paid off by June is still in effect and seems like it will be successful, leaving the remainder of the year even less financially stressful.

Natasha: ?

Natasha has not responded to emails or texts.