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Total Tally Tuesday: Checking Account Balances!

Every Tuesday, we’ll report exactly how much our families have in their checking accounts -- and what they’re planning to do with it.

blank_pageLeah: $1632.96

It's the beginning of the month so the usual monthly bills will be due. The rent is already paid for the month. We need to figure out how to save for repairs for Eric's truck, which will cost about $500.

Lori: $47.76

This month will see a BIG difference – but I have to get through it. This is the first time in months I’ve been worried about how to make it AND not really had a backup plan. So much of my income sources have disappeared the last few months, but there’s been carryover as I’ve received the last checks. I thought financial aide would fill the gap until I received my first paycheck, but I just found out that I won’t have access to the financial aide funds until the last week of January. I’ve sent out invoices for my freelancing, but don’t know for sure when those checks will come. What’s left in my account may have to get me through a few days – or maybe a couple of weeks. I called my auto insurance company and they graciously allowed me to suspend my payment of $83.19 on the 7th, which buys me a little time. As long as I make the payment by the end of January, the policy will be fine. The upside is that with the new job, I know that if I have to borrow a little from someone to make it, it will be easy to pay them back as soon as I get my first check. I just don’t want to have to do that. It’s one day at a time right now.

Natasha: $173

This is a portion of my paycheck. I will pay some money on my cable/phone/internet bill and buy gas. The rest of my paycheck will go towards the rent arrears and childcare expenses.