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Total Tally Tuesday: I Have $4 in My Account!

Every Tuesday, we report exactly how much our families have in their checking accounts -- and what they’re planning to do with it, and how they feel.


Leah: $368.70

I am up to date with my bills and I feel like we are doing OK.


Lori: $184.37

I still need to take care of the car registration this month which will be about $110, and I’m sure I’ll need to put gas in the car at least a couple more times. The good news is that there is still money to come in that hasn’t arrived yet, and November’s major expenses are already covered. Plus, I got my application for my Master’s program out the door – along with the application fee. I feel as if life is moving in the right direction, even if my bank account isn’t reflecting it just yet.


Natasha: $4

That's what's in my credit union account. My checking account still has the negative balance.