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What's Your Financial Success Story?

Targeting your money troubles can be hard work, as the families in our Budget Boot Camp are finding out. That’s why, for this link round-up, I’ve decided to concentrate on people who have triumphed over their money woes. Have your own story? Please share!

Why do we overpay? A lot of time it’s convenience. Shop around! Consumerist has a story about a couple who found a USB chord for $24 one place, but bought it for $1 right next door.

The ladies at Money Saving Mom went on a cooking-and-freezing binge, and you won’t believe how much they put away! We’re talking a month’s worth of dinners!

On Man vs. Debt, a woman made $15,000 selling her stuff on eBay (“Bags, shoes, DVDs, books, iPods, old laptops, old kayaks, skis that didn’t fit, bikes that we no longer used, the list went on for miles…”)

Frugal Dad is a month from paying off all his debt! Hoorah!

And to help get you there:

24 ways to save money -- both expected (pack a lunch) and not (pray or meditate) from the very inspiring site, A Simple Dollar.

A huge list of online budgeting tool & apps (to help you get your cash flow under control!) from Bible Money Matters

Ways to save on online holiday shopping from Bargain Briana


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6 common ways we waste money, and how to stop the bleed 

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