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Are You My Obgyn?

You may remember that I decided to switch ob-gyns because I didn't think the one I had was the best fit for me. Well, I did end up finding someone I like. She was recommended very highly and she takes my insurance, so I went in to meet her.

Since I'd had an exam and Pap smear the month before, I really just wanted to make sure I liked her, and ask a few questions. She turned out to be very nice. She wasn't intimidating or dismissive — she listened to me and answered me thoughtfully, and she seemed to be on top of the latest research from what I could tell from our brief conversation. So I feel comfortable with her.

<p>The practice (which consists of four female ob-gyns) seems great (happy pictures of babies they've delivered on the wall, etc.), and I feel as though I'll be in good hands. That's a big relief.</p>