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Are You There, God? It's Me, Rachel

I got my period. Mind you, we haven't started "trying" yet, so this wasn't a disappointment. In fact, it was the opposite. Ever since I stopped taking the pill in late January, getting my period (one that has nothing to do with a hormonal birth control pill cycle), has been kind of exciting — especially the first time. I swear, when I saw those little red drops on my underwear again, I felt some of the same excitement and empowering feelings of "being a woman" that I felt the first time I got my period at 13.

A lot of this excitement also probably has to do with the fact that I was a little worried it would take a while for my period to kick in again after being on the pill for several years. So I've been really happy that my body seemed to be in working order, and that things seem to be functioning as they should.

After that first post-pill period, I wanted to give myself a few months to figure out my cycle (so I would know better when I ovulate), so each time I've gotten my period since then, it's been like a little reassurance that I am probably ovulating (at least it looks that way from my perspective), that my body really seems capable of making a baby, and that things are on track.

It's even a mini cause for celebration with my husband. "I got my period again, after a 26-day cycle!" I'll tell him, at which point he'll humor me with a "congratulations" and a high five. Sure, he doesn't need to know all the details, but I find myself sharing them anyway, and he's willing to listen.

I realize that once we start trying, getting my period will be the last reason I'll want to celebrate. But for now, I don't know — it still just makes me feel incredibly hopeful and even a little giddy to see signs that my body is working. I hope I can hold onto this optimism in the months ahead.