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Countdown to Baby Making

In a few short weeks, my husband and I are going to start trying to get pregnant. And to be honest, I'm not exactly sure why I'm advertising this to the world. In fact, I'm a little nervous about sharing this — as though I may be jinxing the outcome by talking about it too much.

But all I can say is that I've been dying to experience pregnancy and become a mother for at least a few years now (of course, working at Parenting fuels the fire), and the fact that I'm finally in a place where my husband and I feel ready to start making it happen is so exciting, I can't really keep my mouth shut about it.

I know women tend to be secretive about their pregnancy plans for many reasons (fear of infertility or miscarriage, pressure from family or nosy friends, etc.), and I can certainly understand all of that, but for whatever reason, I'm still just bursting to talk about it, risks and all. So, I hope you'll care to listen and I really hope you'll want to comment, too.