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Girls' Night

I went out for drinks last night with some friends. The wine was flowing, the laughter was loud, and the gossip was juicy. It was great. To top it off, a guy at the next table even hit on me. I almost forgot what that was like since I've been so focused on my marriage and starting a family. It all made me feel a little wistful about my waning carefree days (and nights) of living without a ton of responsibility.

Although, truth be told, I was never really that carefree. I know, I know, you're shocked. I wasn't much of a partier even when I was younger and single, and I've been living a pretty mellow, responsible existence with my husband for a while now. Maybe I should've lived it up more in my 20s. Maybe I should've traveled more. Maybe I should've gone out more. Maybe I should've...

What am I talking about? I'm right where I want to be. And there's no rule that says I can't have the occasional girls' night out even after I'm a mom (knock on wood). That's why daddy duty was invented. Bring on the baby.