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Go, Sperm, Go!

I THINK I surged yesterday. The pink line SEEMED to be darker both that morning when I used a stick and that night when I tried again. I even think it was pretty much the same shade of pink as the control line. And today, there was the telltale CM so I'm thinking that I'm ovulating as I write (day 19). Since we last had sex late at night on day 16, I'd say I gave myself a two to three day window between sex and ovulation — pretty much what I wanted.

It is a little frustrating though, to know that I'm probably ovulating right now and I'm purposely not having sex — hoping that a female sperm from three days ago is still waiting around to implant. Those little sperm could very well have thrown in the towel yesterday, having given up on ever seeing a real live egg.

So if it doesn't work this time, I'm done trying for a girl. I can't take this level of scheduling and testing anymore. Next month when I surge, we're going to have sex — no calculating for pre-ovulation sex. Boy or girl...I just want to get pregnant.