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Mommy Urges

So, here I am in the last few days of my period. And then, I can't believe it — we can actually start trying. (I had to wait at least four weeks after getting my last vaccinations before trying to get pregnant, so now I'm all clear to get started.)

I'm honestly SO excited. I can hardly express how much I've been wanting to be a mother. Taking care of others (my husband, my friends, my dog, etc.) is the thing I love to do most. I am practically aching to take care of my own child, and to finally understand that love everyone talks about that parents feel for their children. I really think that being a mother will be the thing I do best in life.

The whole "baby craving" feeling started to develop in full force about three years ago — partly because I found my life partner, the man with whom I wanted to have those babies, and partly because I was influenced by watching my brother and sister-in-law become parents, and by watching my friends — one by one — join the mommy club too. All of a sudden so many of my conversations with my peers revolved around pregnancy, or breastfeeding, or sleepless nights, or how to juggle kids and career. Some of the time the discussions made me feel as though having kids would be nothing but exhausting. But most of the time, I got more and more ready to enter that phase of life.

Here we go. (I hope.)