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Peeing On a Stick

I got an ovulation kit. My new ob-gyn said I didn't need to bother with a kit at this point — but I'm not the kind of person to leave things to chance (especially important things like having a baby). So, even though I was already charting my CM and basal body temperature and I had a good idea of when I might be ovulating, when a few of my friends mentioned how well ovulation kits had worked for them, it got me thinking about them.

I ended up getting the Clearblue Easy digital kit. I didn't feel like springing for their pricier $200 version. All I have to do is pee on the stick every morning and either a circle or a smiley face appears. If the smiley face appears it means that the kit has detected a surge in the Luteinizing Hormone (LH), and that I'll likely ovulate in the next 24 to 36 hours — approximately.

For the last few mornings I've been dutifully peeing on the stick to see if I'm going to ovulate. Nothing so far...just the blank circle. But we keep doing our part in the bedroom each night to make sure we don't miss our window. My gosh, this is a lot of sex.