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Project Baby

We've started!!! And the timing couldn't be better. Yesterday was our first anniversary, and we geared up for it with a weekend of baby-making sex. We've really had a great first year of marriage (we worked out a lot of the relationship kinks during our long engagement), so we're both feeling really good about us and our future. I can't think of a more romantic way to enter this phase.

We celebrated by going for a couples massage on Sunday and going out to a fancy dinner that night, which all felt like a big treat. There was lots of hugging and kissing and handholding and telling each other how grateful we were for one another. And of course, there was sex — free, loving, condomless sex.

Then yesterday (Memorial Day), we went to a friend's wedding, which also gave us a romantic boost. Well, it did for me, at least. What better way to celebrate your anniversary than to see two people take their vows, and then spend the rest of the time dancing with your cute husband? Truth be told, I think my husband was a little less excited about the dancing, and a little more excited about the fact that we've been "celebrating" in the bedroom more frequently than usual in an effort to get pregnant. Whatever the motivation — we're both psyched.