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Round Two

We are gearing up for our second go. Well, when I say, "we" I mean me. My period is done. I just bought my second ovulation kit, and I've been mapping out the days in the calendar this month that we need to make sure we spend some quality time in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, I read a less-than-encouraging article in the New York Times the other day about sperm. It basically stated that sperm are extremely imperfect, the majority of them are abnormally shaped, and only about 15 percent of most men's sperm are "serviceable" in ideal conditions. As the writer, Natalie Angier, put it, "the majority of sperm couldn't fertilize an ovum if it were plunked down in front of them." She went on to explain how fragile and tiny sperm are, how sensitive they are to heat, and how tough it is for them to get through the many obstacles they encounter on the way to our eggs.

This wasn't exactly news to me — I did take biology — but still, it was no fun to read in such detail about how slim the chances are that my husband's sperm will be able to make their way through my potentially inhospitable cervix.

I e-mailed the article to my husband, and he wrote back, "I hope my guys got the right stuff."

Me too.

I swear, we've got his delicate sperm to consider, my aging eggs, and then each of their 23 chromosomes need to match up in the right's a complicated process to say the least. The fact that any babies are ever made truly is a miracle.