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Vacation Sex

Aaahhh, vacation. Relaxed, leisurely, sleep late, no-time-schedule vacation...except for the sex schedule, that is. Yup, in order to try one more time for a girl, I need to keep track of the timing of our not-so-carefree vacation sex.

So, in preparation for our trip (which includes a couple of days in Seattle first for a family wedding, a visit at my friend's house in Olympia, Washington, and then a jaunt on our own to British Columbia), I packed my windbreaker, hat, sunglasses, sneakers, and of course, my ovulation kit. Now, I know that a change in routine like travel can mess with ovulation (and last time I traveled, I did end up having an unusually long cycle), so this could get tricky.

Actually, it's already gotten tricky, starting with our flight yesterday — day 13 of my cycle. Because I ovulated last month around day 15 or 16, I wanted us to have our last sex this month on the night of day 13. This would give us a two or three day window between sex and ovulation — improving our chances that a sturdy female sperm would be waiting around when the egg drops (as opposed to a more fragile, shorter-living male sperm).

But our nighttime plane was late. First it was an hour late, then it was an hour and a half late. And then it was two hours late. And the longer we waited, the less likely it was we'd get into Seattle in time to have sex on day 13. Yes, other travelers had places to be, meetings to attend, and family to see, but we had to have sex! Soon!

We started to discuss our options. Well, I started to discuss them until my husband eventually stopped reading his magazine to weigh in. Sex in the airport? Ick. Sex on the plane? Mildly appealing, but cumbersome. We began to consider how we would maneuver the mile high club without anyone noticing. We'd wait until the cabin lights went out and then I'd go into the plane's bathroom and wait for him? Or would he go in first? So many decisions. Fortunately, we were saved by the bell when they announced that our plane was finally boarding.

We made it to our hotel in Seattle around 3am their time, which was 6am New York time. And we did it. It was a little on the late side — meaning we basically had sex the morning of day 14 as opposed to the night of day 13, but, we did our best. Fingers crossed.