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The other night I went with some friends to see the new movie Waitress. I loved it. First and foremost, I love Keri Russell, the lead actress, and it just so happens that in this movie, her character goes through pregnancy from start to finish. Spoiler alert: If you don't want to hear how this movie ends, stop reading.

Her character actually didn't want to be pregnant all. She didn't live a happy life and she didn't feel she would have anything to offer a baby. She spends almost the entire movie feeling no emotion for the growing life inside of her. But the instant she holds her new baby girl in her arms, her view of life is transformed. This woman, who thought her life was hopeless and that there was little good in the world, is suddenly overcome with how amazing her baby is and how great their life will be together.

The movie definitely drove home the point that becoming a parent can make the world a thousand times more meaningful. I desperately want to know how that feels. See the movie. And bring tissues. If you're in a pregnancy state of mind, I think you'll love it too.