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"Wake Me Up [and just] Go, Go"

It's getting close to ovulation time, which means that we need to get this party started.

The problem: My husband has his annual work conference this week, which involves entertaining clients late into the night — for multiple nights in a row — well past my bedtime (and our window for sex). Plus, both of us need to get up early this week, so sex in the morning isn't an option either.

The solution: I told my husband last night that no matter what time he got home, he should wake me up and just do it. No questions asked. It was for the greater good.

So that's what he did. There was no time for pleasantries when he got in around 3am and tiptoed into the dark bedroom. And actually, I'm not even sure I fully woke up. Romantic it wasn't, but we got the job done. Yay us.