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Fox Purse: Meant for a kid, perfect for me!

Sabrina James/Instagram

I can't lie, I've been known to rock some kid accessories. There was that whole winter I layered striped BabyLegs under my short-sleeves to add pizzazz (and warmth). And then there was that gray Children's Place headband (meant for a toddler) that I wore incessantly for months. If only I could fit into kid-sized clothing, but alas... I'm an adult. 

My latest obsession is this fierce fox purse from H&M's All For Children line (out October 18) that's ridiculously on trend (foxes are everywhere for fall!) and oh-so-perfectly sized to compliment a sassy dress or skinny jeans and a tank. The whole H&M collection is one of the best lines for kids I've previewed for the season. The cutting edge fabrics and silhouettes in miniature sizes will have you wishing for a "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" moment, at least for a day, so you can sport the budget-friendly, designer-inspired looks yourself. Get yourself to H&M as soon as the collection launches! In the meantime, don't judge me and my kid purse because I guarantee you'll be scouring that kid section yourself (shh, it'll be our little secret). 

Are there any products or items you steal from your kids? Leave a comment to spill your miniature-sized obsessions!