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For Grown-Ups: Inappropriate Elf on the Shelf Ideas

And there you have it. The one sentence that single-handedly defines the holiday season for any parent on social media: “Are you Elf enough?”

It’s that oh-so-joyous time of year again when your worthiness as a parent is compared and contrasted on news feeds far and wide with the vintage-hued instagram photos of your peers. An elf fishing (been there, pinned that), an elf on the Christmas tree (how very 2010 of you), elf donuts (now that's clever – you might get a point there). We’re all scouring Pinterest, following The Elf on the Shelf on Twitter, doing anything to try and find the most creative elf idea ever. Why? Because we’re desperate to provide our children with a magical holiday season, right? Well, kinda.

Plus: Clever Elf on the Shelf Ideas

We all start out with the best of intentions. Thanksgiving ends, we pack our paper plate turkey craft décor into the garage and secretly dig out that white Elf on the Shelf box from its hiding place. The kids go to sleep and we get to work finding the best hiding spot for (insert your elf’s name here). In the morning we giggle with joy watching little faces light up when they realize their red-suited friend made his appearance. We also breathe a sigh of relief. Ahhh… a whole month of easy-breezy discipline. The elf is always watching. Couple that with the threat of the naughty list and poof! Beds are made and tantrums are stalled instantaneously. The Elf on the Shelf is the best behavior modification tool ever. But then something happens to us. WE get excited. The elf is just so much darn fun. And with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter… the whole world (wide web) can see what you can do with your elf. And even though I've been an avid elf-on-the-shelfer for years, I must admit, my G-rated antics don’t hold a candle to the clever parents playing this year's Elf of the Shelf game. The newest holiday trend has nothing to do with our kids at all, this time the elf magic is just for us, the parents! A chance to have some fun of our own in between carpool lines, cookie baking, nog drinking, and Christimas shopping. Yes, please!

Funny Elf on the Shelf idea

The folks over at are holding an Inappropriate Elf Contest. This mompetition is all about who can create the most lol-worthy elf moment. It’s all about adult humor and current viral trends. That’s right, an official contest, unlike one we are already having via social media with our friends. Someone is finally calling this elf game what it is… and we can’t stop laughing.

Funny Elf on the Shelf Idea

The question is, are you elf enough? Before you pull the flour out of the pantry to make a sweet snow angel elf, join in on the fun! Snap a photo of your mischievous elf and enter this contest! You can win some amazing prizes and a few facebook likes in the process. Score!

Plus: How the Elf on the Shelf Saved Christmas

What do you think? Should the elf stay G-Rated or is it ok to take naughty elf photos? Share some of your favorite elf ideas in the comments below and if you decide to play, link to your Inappropriate Elf entry! Would love to see more!  

Thanks to Amanda over at who I think is winning the contest so far with her "Are You Elf Enough" entry. The photo and this hilarious behind-the-scenes collage are amazing. 

Are You Elf Enough? Behind the Scenes