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Oz for Moms

Olioboard - Sabrina James

No one will be more excited about “Oz: the Great and Powerful” (out March 2013) than the first generation of “Wizard of Oz” lovers – girls (now moms like us) who watched Judy Garland’s Dorothy land in Oz with wide-eyed wonderment and had nightmares of flying monkeys well into adolescence.

It’s like the great people at Disney created another magical movie just for us! James Franco plays the Wizard, and all jokes aside… let’s be real, we love him! Mila Kunis is as pretty as ever and two of our fave celeb moms, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz, look amazing costumed as good and bad witches (can you guess who's who?). The movie is visually stunning and the costuming is Oscar-worthy, just look at those clothes in the trailer below – to die for!

The movie may not be out until spring, but you can start rocking the “great and powerful” look with Oz-some accessories out now. 

1. Red floppy hat  2. Director’s Cut bag  3. Feather necklace  4. Miz Mooz heels  5. Stila polish set  6. Glitter headband  7. Yellow Brick Road watercolor print  8. H&M Colored tights