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Crafting with Tori Spelling: Tie-Dye T-Shirts

If you would have told me, oh say, 20 years ago that I'd be looking for crafting advice from Tori Spelling... there would have been some serious eye-rolling! But times are a-changin'! Our fave 90210 starlet, author, and mom to three (almost four!) adorable kiddos is a bonafide crafting queen. We asked the Craft Wars star to share an idea, and lucky for us (and you) it's one that involves super stylish tees that are sure to earn your kiddo kudos on the playground. Check out these steps for some tie-dye fabulousness, perfect for Saturday (or any day!) fun. Check out her website for more craft ideas and tutorials.

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Tie-Dye T-Shirt Craft

Before you dye anything, you should wash it so that the color stays and so that the sizing is correct. Once you’ve done that, you can really get started.

1. Lay a shirt out flat and fold it left to right like an accordion, and then twist it tight and tie it off with tight, tight rubber bands. Depending on the design you want to attain there are many creative folding and tying options. This craft will make horizontal lines on the shirt.

2.  Prepare your dye according to the directions on the box or bottle.

3. Start dyeing! If you’re doing more than one color, it’s good to start with the lightest color first so that you can dye over it, but if you're only using one color, just dive right in!

And voila!

To enhance the design, you can cut out and adhere some lace flowers on the shirt with fabric glue.

PS: How cute do Tori's kids look in their tie-dye? Adorbs!