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Makin' Waves

Jesse Fischetti

My fabulous friend Jesse has the best hair. Seriously, check her out above! I've recently noticed her rocking some gorgeous curls. She's a mama of two and I had to know how she did it, and more importantly, how she found the time. She raved about a "magical curling wand" from Target that turned her straight, thick hair into tousled curls in less than 30 minutes. I can't even imagine how fast my short, fine hair would curl! I'm sold. See ya at Tar-jay! 

Jesse's 4-step system for perfect beachy waves:

  1. Separate dry hair into four sections.
  2. Use the Conair Infiniti You Curl Wand to curl pieces from each of the sections.
  3. Spray each piece with TIGI’s Bed Head Hard Head hairspray.
  4. Use fingers to lightly tousle curls... And go!