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Across My Desk: Hank & Jojo socks

Sabrina James

By now my coworkers are used to––and probably annoyed by––my excitement when it comes to the daily deskside mailroom delivery. I anxiously open packages like it’s Christmas morning and then, like a toddler, let out squeals of delight when I find something amazing inside. What can I say? I love cute stuff.

Imagine the joy I experienced when I unpacked these Hank & Jojo retro knee socks. The packaging alone is cool (Who doesn't love a mini 80's metal lunch box?), but the socks are irresistible. They're made of bamboo, so they're super soft and organic, and come in 4-packs sized for infants all the way up to big kids. And just in case you're wondering, boys can totally rock these socks, too. Pair them with shorts and sneakers and he'll be the coolest kid on the playground!