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Welcome to Hip Mama

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I never considered myself a “hip” person. I was born in California and raised all around the world from Germany to Turkey to South Carolina. Fashion was never my thing growing up (yes, there are countless awkward childhood pictures to prove this). I was always just me––slightly disheveled, clumsy and smiling. When I became an adult, my taste solidified. I developed my own sense of style that leaned more toward casual than hip. When I became pregnant with my daughter Kaia, I was all of a sudden faced with a fear that the me I had become confident with over the years would be taken over by this new “mom” person. I was excited, but scared. Scared of who I would become. Would she be boring? Would my love of Depeche Mode be replaced with a love of Elmo songs? Would I be relegated to mom jeans and sweat pants? I was scared to grow up. To change.

My daughter, Kaia, was born in May 2006. And with her birth, a new me was born. There was a change, anyone with a child knows what I am talking about. But the change was amazing. Anything I say here will sound completely cliché and expected, but only because it’s true. She made me a better person. A stronger person. And all the parts of me that I loved were still there, too. There is nothing I love more than my little girl and being her mom, but I realized that didn’t mean I had to change who I was or what I was interested in. To my husband's dismay, I never transformed into the immaculate housekeeper and chef like I had hoped, however, a new career was born for me. I never imagined that working for Parenting Magazine would be my dream job, but it absolutely is. I became passionate about all things kid, but I also love music. I love style. I love funny web videos and discussing hot-topic issues with my friends. I like nights out as much as nights spent snuggling my girl and hubby on the couch. And I am learning how to balance all the new parts of me with the old ones that are still there. 

I recently saw a definition for hip that I can finally relate to: aware. I am absolutely aware of life outside of this parenting arena and everything in it that makes raising our children more fun and more of an extension of who we are. This blog is a place for you to check out what’s on my radar when it comes to parenting, style, décor, social media and everything in between. A place for you to find out what’s trending and ways for you to incorporate that into your life as a parent. And you never know, that might just include a little bit of Elmo and a few stylish mom jeans here and there. Because one thing I have learned for sure is that being a mom is way cooler than who I was before.