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Taye Diggs Talks Breakfast

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In honor of National Breakfast Week, Taye Diggs teamed up with Kellogg’s to help end childhood hunger through the Share Breakfast program. We caught up with the celeb dad to discuss getting a nutritious start to the day, cereal combinations and 3-year-old Walker's eating habits.

Why did you get involved with Kellogg’s Share Breakfast program?
We’re dealing with childhood hunger and anything involving children means a lot to me because I have a kid. We didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up. There were days when I would go to school without having as much for breakfast as I would have liked, so I know the importance of kids getting off to a good start.

What does breakfast look like in your house?
It varies. Right now, my son and I really dig Raisin Bran. It was one always one of my favorites growing up. And then there’s the sound that Rice Krispies make when you add milk—that never gets old.

Is Walker a picky eater?
No, we’re really lucky. Whatever we put in front of him, he devours!

Do you and your wife, Idina Menzel, make up any breakfast or mealtime songs for Walker?
When he was younger, we had a good morning song. Maybe we’ll write one about getting off to a great start and the importance of his first meal.

Are you the cook in the house?
Unfortunately not. The great thing about cereal is that you just have to add milk, so I’m a great cook when it comes to cereal. I am getting a little better at French toast and pancakes.

Do you give him little tasks to help with in the kitchen?
We have this little ladder that we had made specifically for him. It allows him access to the counter so that he can pick out the bowl, pick his favorite spoon and put together whatever combination of cereal he likes. That makes him feel more included, like he’s in control of his own destiny.

What's the best piece of parenting advice you ever got?
Every child is different, but patience is something that everybody can always benefit from.

What's been your proudest accomplishment so far as a dad?
Just being there and being able to watch him grow. A lot of families don’t have more than one parent, so I feel really lucky to be a part of his life and to be able to guide him and have him feel my presence. I think that means a lot.

Do you let Walker know that you are involved in charitable giving? If so, how?
He's only three, but we are definitely instilling in him the importance of giving back. We make sure that he knows there is more to the world than just him and his toys. He has it pretty good and he knows that he should be thankful for that. Walker also knows that when he has too many toys, we need to give some of those toys away to kids who might not be able to afford them.

What was your favorite breakfast as a child?
Raisin Bran -- and I would add honey. 

To join the Share Breakfast movement, visit or watch the video below. For every view, share, tweet and comment of the PSA Great Starts videos, Kellogg’s and Action for Healthy Kids will share breakfast with children in need.