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Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Asian-Style Chicken


If we made dinner any easier tonight, you'd be ordering pizza. But, thanks to this 4-ingredient wonder, you'll have a healthy, yummy dinner on the table in no time flat with these two Asian-inspired recipes. The first is a a Teriyaki Chicken that's two steps to a delicious meal. Look for a teriyaki sauce with no high-fructose corn syrup to keep blood-sugar spikes in check for your little ninjas.

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With leftovers, just chop them up (hooray for boneless, skinless chicken!) and add them to this delicious Thai-style peanut-sauced pasta salad. This will definitely be a family favorite in the future, so keep it in rotation for sure. Customize the recipes by adding whatever veggies your family likes, some examples: snow peas, red peppers, carrots, cabbage, bamboo shoots or water chestnuts.

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