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Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Bean Recipes

Tina Rupp

If you can't stomach another night of steam-in-bag veggies and brown rice (snooze alert!), consider a sweet, zesty, fresh salad instead. Fresh tomatoes combine with corn kernels, cilantro and black beans for a hearty fill-em-up salad that even vegetarians will love as a main dish. Marinated salads like this are even better the next day, so it's a good option to pack for lunch, too. Black beans are a bell-ringer here: They're packed with fiber and protein and have a low glycemic index, which means they won't spike anyone's blood sugar and will keep kids full for hours after dinner.

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Got leftover black beans (or have you just become a black bean believer)? This dip has the same Tex-Mex flavor but whipped up into a creamy dip with no actual cream, thanks to the soft black beans. Send it in the lunch box with some raw veggies and pita chips to kick lunchtime up a notch. BOOM!

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