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Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Meatball Recipes

Two favorite ways of preparing kid-friendly food: Stuff something or put something on a stick. Seriously! Everything's more fun with it's double-layered or skewered and dipped into something delicious.

For dinner tonight, how about scopping out the inside of a zucchini, stuffing it with premade meatballs and shredded cheese and putting it under the broiler for a little while to melt the cheese and make everything piping hot and yummy? Got a toddler? Throw it all in the food processor for a creamy puree. Meat is an excellent first food for little ones just starting solids, just make sure she's cool with zucchini first before you start introducing meats. Bigger kids will love "sailing" their zucchini "boats" around their plates before digging in.

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Got leftover meatballs? Chop them in halves or quarters, depending on your kids' age, and skewer them with pineapple and your kids favorite veggies (red peppers and mushrooms are shown, but you can do it with just about any softer vegetable) and pack some teriyaki sauce for dipping at lunch time.

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