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Aaron Sanchez's Picky-Eater Pleaser

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How's this for cool—I was lucky enough to chat one-on-one with acclaimed chef and Chopped judge and Ortega’s newest spokesperson Aaron Sanchez the other day. Aaron is a proud dad of two, so I jumped at the chance to ask him the age-old question: "How do you get your kids to eat vegetables?"
His secret: It helps to use a "vehicle" you know your kid likes when serving veggies (and especially when introducing new ones). Aaron's kids love tacos and quesadillas, so he stocks up on hard and soft tortillas, taco fixings, and cheese. Then he all he has to do is add meat and/or seasonal veggies to make a healthy meal his whole family will love. Smart!
To follow Aaron's lead: If your kids love mac and cheese, try stirring in a handful of peas or broccoli florets, or slip a tomato slice or two in their grilled cheese sandwiches. Every little bit counts!