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3 Easy Dip Recipes

Meet cookbook writer, food blogger, and mom extraordinaire Kim Laidlaw, author of the new book, Baby & Toddler On The Go. She's here to share a few of her best picky-eater-pleasing recipes and kitchen tips...take it away, Kim! 

Dips and dippers are a surprisingly simple and fun snack that can even become a wholesome meal, and they are perfect when you’re on the go. Your little ones will think they’re getting away with playing with their food when they get to plunge all kinds of yummy (and healthy) veggies, fruits, and whole-grain breads into tasty purees and creamy dips. Baby & Toddler On The Go has loads of flavorful dip recipes that come together in a snap and that kids truly will eat; you might even think of serving some of them at your next get-together!

White Bean Dip

Click here for the White Bean Dip recipe.

Fruit & Vanilla Yogurt Dip

Click here for the Fruit & Vanilla Yogurt Dip recipe.

Cucumber-Yogurt Dip

Click here for the Cucumber-Yogurt Dip recipe.

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