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Things That Are Happening In 2012

Happy New Year, sweet readers! I can’t believe some of you started reading my blog in 2007 when JD was in my belly, tear! Here are some things that are up for JD and me in 2012:

JD and I are going to *Disney Aulani on January 17th! (Pics to come!)

On January 16th we’re stopping in Los Angeles where we’ll get to spend time with some of my college friends.

Rattled! is being turned into an audible book and will be available on and

I have an awesome reported feature on being pregnant and single/newborn care coming out in Baby Talk magazine (stay tuned!)

Freelancing! My job allows me to blog, write about things I'm interested in, travel and spend hours looking at clothes.

I’m embarking on the exciting road of Kindergarten research! JD turns 5 on August 30 and then it’s BAM—September! I’m attending open houses, meeting with his Pre-K 4 teacher and researching Redshirting. Decision 2012.

JD was recently diagnosed with Asthma. I am not freaking out—shocker! Uncle Brian was diagnosed at age 2 and I vividly remember sitting with him at the kitchen table and coloring while he did nebulizer treatments. We decorated his nebulizer with dinosaur stickers. Anywho, I’m taking this opportunity, as with all life experiences, to fully engross myself in all things Asthma research—then write about it. Stay tuned!

We’re going to Philly! I lived in Philly for 4 years when I attended The University of the Arts and interned at Philadelphia magazine. I’m so excited to take JD there on the choo-choo train! We’re going to The Please Touch Museum, Rittenhouse Park (I lived across the street) and the Philadelphia Zoo. And of course we’ll do a million more things, like a cameo at the Liberty Bell. (And the Mexican Post—college hangout!)

Jersey Shore. Not the MTV show (well...)—the actual location. My family lives a block from the beach. We show up every Friday. Can’t wait for sand in sandwiches, flying kites, eating ice cream that drips down our arms, parades, fireworks...everything!!

JD and I will be having the dog Golden Retriever talk around his 5th birthday. Oh, yes.

What are you looking forward to in 2012? Please share.

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*Full disclosure: Disney Aulani is a press trip.