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Be Honest: What's Your Mom Mobile?

I am completely prepared to take slack for this blog. But, I’m not a minivan mom. Or a mom jeans mom.

I had to drop my SUV off at the dealership this week because a taillight was out. (I discovered this when an adorable cop pulled me over...for the taillight being out. "Oh, Officer, I had noooo idea." Smile. NO TICKET.) While they were fixing it they realized there was some type of electrical problem going on (yeah) and my engine needed a new part. All of this would take two or three days. The guys saw me there with JD and I explained I had work and needed my car or a car.

Because Poppa Coppa is friends with people at the dealership (and everywhere in general) I was offered a free loaner. This dealership doesn’t even loan out cars, let alone free cars, so I was thrilled I didn’t have to rent something. But then the valet guy pulled up in a gigantic minivan. It didn’t even occur to me that the vehicle was for me until he greeted me: “Mrs. (Mrs?) Coppa, I have your loaner.” I feel like someone needed to close my mouth. It was on the floor.

Admittedly, I morphed into a brat, but a polite brat. I asked for the main guy I had been dealing with and I explained there were a variety of reasons I couldn’t drive a minivan.

A.   The vehicle is too big. If I attempted to back that baby out I would definitely hit something and then there would be an insurance fiasco + damaged property.

B.    And it’s a minivan. Now I know I am insulting people that have minivans, but I want you to know, to truly know, that I respect your taste and the functionality of a minivan. And it is not my intention to insult you. And I am certain there are moms reading that are anti-minivan too. Prior to making the SUV move (and only because I needed hatchback space for the stroller and now JD's bike) I drove a blue two-door coupe w/ a sunroof. Loved. RIP.

A group of men were thoroughly entertained by my dramatic explanation of why I couldn’t leave in the minivan. At one point I said, (and I am prepared to take some slack here sweet blog readers) “I’m wearing skinny jeans. I have a meeting in New York City tomorrow. I just can’t. Can you provide me with a Jeep of some sort?” That’s when the valet pulled up in a Dodge Avenger. Let me tell you, what a little hot rod. JD, a car enthusiast, just loved it! “Mom, it has red seats!” Ah, and it did have red and black patterned seats, a touch screen technology system (that confused me) and, “Mom, a fin on the back!!!” It suited us much better than the minivan. And I say us, because JD called the minivan a “bus, like a school bus, but not yellow.”

In any event, I was reunited with my Jeep and Sirius radio and all is right on the road of life!

What do you drive? Do you drive a minivan? What do you like about your car? My Jeep has a snow button. I like that a lot.

Full disclosure: I was not compensated to blog about Jeep or Dodge in any way, shape or form. I pay for my SUV.