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JD's 4th Bday Party: A Very Pink Recap!

[disclosure] My heart goes out to flood victims in NJ and across the country. I helped organize a baby clothing drive to assist families in my area with little ones who lost everything. Please read this personal mom blog for what it is: JD’s bday party was canceled, rescheduled and it was chaotic, because he's a kid who doesn't really understand weather. Thank you.

Hurricane Irene put the kibosh on JD’s 4th birthday party. It was scheduled for September 10th—the weekend directly following the storm. Our condo was fine—there was no flooding or even a power outage. We just chilled and had a taco party with Uncle Bri. However, some of the surrounding towns and roadways were flooded.  Click here to view a pic of Route 23—the highway I use to get to JD’s school, my freelance mag gig—and Jumpnasium in Fairfield, NJ (the party place). In addition to the flooding, the town of Fairfield was on mandatory evacuation and closed. Yes, the town closed. The weekend of JD’s 4th birthday party. I got the news a day before and scrambled to call parents—and at the same time, keep my cool, so JD wouldn’t freak. And he didn’t freak.

The party day came and went and I pretended like it was any other Saturday—he had no clue. The party was moved to last night at 5:15 and I had the pleasure of sending out new invites and hoping that the 10 boys and 10 girls who RSVPed YES to the original party could make it to the the new one (ah, stress). This RSVP hell is not in What To Expect When You’re Expecting. My mom friends and I decided it should be.

Three boys and ten girls RSVPed to come. Gulp. It’s fine, I told myself. It gets better. One of the boys that was RSVPed to come dropped out last minute because of a family matter and the other boy didn’t show up. He was a no show - A NO SHOW. Another cutie-pie girl was sick and couldn’t come. So, last night JD partied with 1 boy (his best bud Ryder), 9 girls (and 3 sisters of the girls + 1 baby bro). I am somewhat concerned for the teenage years. My son will no doubt have girlfriends on rotation, iii yiii iii (treat the ladies good, JD!). Despite the overwhelming tutu skirts and pink socks, we all had soooo-wooo-oooo much fun! I don’t even think JD realized that there was only one boy there. To be honest, one of his best friends is a little girl named Lily. They had a date on Saturday night. Lily’s mom, Amy and I took the kids to (my pal) Michael Turco’s magic show at William Paterson University. Here’s a pic that I believe represents the slight difference between pre-school age boys and girls. LOL.

Here are some pics from JD’s AWESOME 4th bday party at Jumpnasium.

Sliding with Mommy

Having a party with 9 girls to 2 boys? Thumbs up!

Chilling with Ryder - they were pooped!

Most of the Party—2 girls went astray (Notice JD and Lily are holding hands. OMGTOOCUTE)

I didn’t bake this cake - I don't bake well. 

JD and his grandparents

Tell me, do your kids have opposite sex best friends? Do your kids get along with opposite sex kids? Have you experienced RSVP hell? Thanks for reading! Happy 4th to my love!

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[full disclosure] Jumpnasium did NOT provide a free party to me.