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10 Funny Things My Pre-Schooler Has Said

Thanks to JD, I’m always laughing! He says the funniest things and usually at random times, which makes them even funnier. Here’s his latest quips:

Mom, I wanna be Chicken Whittle (Little) for Halloween. (He said this at 5:30 A.M. this morning. It’s March.)

Mema (my mom) has squishy elbows. She should get new ones at the doctor.

I don’t like eggies anymore. They are too spicy. (The scrambled eggs I offered him were the same he always eats.)

It’s not Christmas time. It’s Easter time, you know. (Said this randomly while driving to the grocery store.)

(singing) Pink Cadillac, cruising down the stream. (The stream.)

We never hit babies. We always have to be gentle on babies. (Said this at an indoor playground when he noticed a baby trying to crawl. My response: “Um, we never hit anyone, bud.")

Remember when I lost my balloon from the dentist? Maybe we will find it today. (He was talking about a dental appointment from September 2010 and a helium balloon that he let go of. He said this on the way to school today. I don't think we will find it today.)

It’s OK mom, everyone has a steak! (He says this, meaning, “mistake,” whenever I make a whoops. Like, the other day when I forgot to hit “AV” when attempting to play a DVD.)

Can I have a bamba? (His word for banana—even though he can clearly say banana. It's sooooo cute!)

Mom, you smell like a rose. (Says this when my hair is wet after I shampooed.)

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