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10 Things That Make Me A Mom

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a single mom, or that my carefree 20’s got cut short because I got pregnant when I was 26. Maybe it’s because I still splurge on things like designer bags or have admittedly read Vogue out loud to JD and made it sound fun, but I still have moments, when I’m like, wait, I’m a mom? Me. This beautiful, tiny blond human is my sole responsibility!? After the jump, 10 things that make me stop and say, “Oh yeah, I’m a mom!”

1. This is what my fridge and pantry cabinet look like. I know it seems overwhelming, but it really brightens up the kitchen and JD loves displaying his art.

2. Every week I write out a grocery list and the following is always at the top of the list: Yoplait Kids Yogurt, Mott’s Tots Fruit Punch, 2% Milk (I used to drink Skim) and American Cheese from the deli.

3. There are Matchbox cars in the bathtub, in my Jeep, in my purse, tangled in my bed sheets, on the windowsill, between the couch cushions and trapped under the oven.

4. The other day I called to RSVP JD to his friend’s birthday party. When the girl’s dad answered I said, “Hi, this is JD’s mom, Chrissy.” Then I had a moment, right then, where I mouthed the words, “JD’s mom?”

5. I never leave home without a sippy cup, snack and crayons.

6. I recently raved to a single girlfriend from NYC about…Toy Story 3. She then raved about the sex she had with the hot corporate lawyer she’s been dating for 3 weeks.

7. I spend actual time contemplating the real lives of Kiki, Marina, Shout and Twist. I wonder how they landed their roles on the Fresh Beat Band. I sometimes feel bad for them because I have decided they probably would prefer to be on 90210 or even have a cameo on Grey’s Anatomy where they play a teen with a fatal head injury. This is all speculation.

8. I’ve caught puke in my hands. I’ve wiped JD’s nose with my shirt. Enough said.

9. I’ve eaten pancakes, a burger and whole onion in one sitting and LOVED it. Granted this meal was crafted in JD’s play kitchen, but still.

10. I consider chasing JD with a brush after his bath a workout. It really is a good 10 minutes of cardio. This can be said about putting his socks on most days, too.

Bonus: I say, "No, Stop It, Finish your food, Calm down, WHAT.ARE.YOU.DOING? Do you have to go potty?" a lot. I say "I love you" 100 times a day.

OK, we’re all moms, I get it. But still, share some funny things that prove you’re a mom!

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