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10 Things This Single Mom is Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year? I am thankful for…

1. JD being potty trained! 100% potty trained!

2. My FREE babysitters. My mom and older brother, Carlo took JD and my niece to see Santa on Saturday so I could attend a baby shower and do some holiday shopping.

3. My awesome brothers are cooking tomorrow! I’m on pie duty (Uh, I know a great little bakery.) Uncle Bri went to Parent Lunch Day with JD

4. How polite my son is! His teacher told me he burped at lunch and immediately said, “scuse me!” (ahem, excuse). He's also one heck of an athlete!

5. My son’s godmother, Katie. She cut my hair this morning via a house call (lucky!) and played Play Doh with JD.

6. Good T.V. Look, I’m a single mom and I’m basically in front of a computer all day long or doing mom things like wiping a nose (or butt), making a grilled cheese sandwich, saying, “Don’t do that, Stop, No” often (very often!), so I like to relax and not think and watch T.V. I am thankful for Parenthood, Modern Family and those crazy housewives of Beverly Hills.

7. My job! I am so lucky! I’m approaching 30 and can already say, I wrote a book, Target (as in the mega store!) named it a Breakout Book and The New York Times liked it. I write for national magazines and blog for the hippest parenting magazine around. I work from home and occasionally in an office where my main function is, um, tracking Suri Cruise’s wardrobe (Did you know Katie commissioned Christian Louboutin to make Suri shoes?). I’m also routinely asked to comment on hot parenting issues (Flattered! Thanks!). Check out my latest thoughts in this New York Post article on Co-Sleeping.

8. Good books. I just finished Room by Emma Donoghue. It’s about a college girl who is kidnapped, raped and impregnated—and forced to raise her son in a small Room (hence, the title) at least five years. The book is written in the child’s perspective. It’s brilliant. Read it!

9. As a single mom, being able to understand how good my life is and how lucky I am. I am fully conscious of the fact that all single moms out there don’t have college degrees, or drive brand new Jeeps or have a hold of their career. I am proud of who I am and very proud that this blog presents another side of single motherhood. Single mothers are successful and strong! We are, we are! This realization is why I donate to Shelter Our Sisters. (A non-profit organization for battered women, many who are single mothers.)

10. My “new” (or modern, call it whatever!) family! It’s JD and me—and my divorced parents, my dad’s girlfriend, my brothers and sister-in-law and bonus niece. I’m blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? XOXO

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