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7 Cute Things Toddlers Say

Kids say the cutest things. As a writer, I always feel compelled to note the silly things JD says. I'll share 7 things that recently had me laughing out loud, feeling blessed to have such a compassionate, kind-hearted child and also thinking, wow, my baby isn't a baby anymore.

  1. When JD woke up from his nap on Tuesday afternoon he came running into my office yelling in a very urgent, confused tone: “My elbow is broken, Mama! It broken bad.” OK, he wasn’t crying and didn’t seem to be in any pain, so I calmly examined his left elbow—that had several creases and lines in it from his bed sheet and were the result of the way he had been sleeping.

  2. Now that summer is here, we’ve been eating a lot of ice cream. I recently joked on Facebook that I need to get another job to fund JD’s nightly fix. See, there’s this great place close to where we live and almost every evening after dinner JD says, “Can we please get white ice cream and grinkles?” Grinkles! Grinkles! How can I say no to that? Our order is served up with two spoons. The girls behind the counter know our names. (I used to know a bartender in the East village who knew my name and beer.)

  3. Friends and family who aren’t routine visitors always find themselves a bit baffled around JD’s bedtime when he says, “Mommy, I need ginky and grinky.” These aren’t our cats (we don’t have cats!). They’re his pacifier (that he still sleeps with at night, but I yank it out after he falls asleep) and his blue blanket that’s trimmed in shiny blue satin.

  4. Last night during JD’s bath I reached for the green apple Elmo shampoo and JD grabbed it from me, squirted a blob in his palm and washed his hair. “I do it myself, Mommy,” he said. When he pulled his hands down from his sudsy mop top, he discovered a puff of bubbles and declared, “I cream!” (as in ice cream.)

  5. Something that isn’t music to my ears: “I made a big mess, Mommy. I sorry!” These words have been pegged to an unraveled roll of brand new toilet paper, a baby powder-sprinkled carpet (“It snowing, Mommy!"), Matchbox cars in the toilet, crayon scribblings on the windowsill, all of his bedding on the floor in a pile.

  6. When JD sees “buggies” outside he likes to make up stories about them that leads me to believe he will one day be a famous children's book author. A few evenings ago in the courtyard, he spotted a tiny red dot of a bug. “It lost, looking for mommy-daddy and needs his pajama pants.” Brilliant.

  7. Always music to my ears—JD asking to “hold hands” at 5 A.M. when he often appears in my bedroom. Saying “Bless you, Mommy” when I sneeze (and asking me to fake sneeze so he can say “Bless you” again) and the most recent, proclaiming, “We a team, Mommy!” This I believe was prompted by me eating a green bean and saying, “Mommy ate a bean, now you need to eat a bean.” He did and then he said those magic words.

I know your kiddos say cute stuff too, so please share! XO